Will discuss Covid-19 pandemic with Xi Jinping, says US Prez Donald Trump



US President Donald Trump on Thursday (local time) said that he will be speaking with Chinese President Xi Jinping later in the evening to discuss the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed over 20,000 lives globally.

“I am speaking to Chinese President Xi Jinping tonight, I believe, we will have a good conversation,” Trump told reporters, during the daily White House coronavirus task force briefing.

Trump later added that they will discuss the novel coronavirus pandemic, saying that it will be fruitful call.

The United States President also stated said G20 leaders at their virtual meeting agreed that immediate data-sharing is vital in the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“The United States is working with its partners around the world to stop the spread of the coronavirus. We discussed how important it is for all of our nations to immediately share information and data and we have been doing this to a large extent,” Trump said.Trump further said he may decide to reopen large regions in the United States that are not badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our country has to go back to work. We may take large sections of our country that are not so seriously affected and we may do it that way,” Trump said.

The US president said his administration will consult with experts to discuss a timeline of reopening the country and will have more information to share on the situation by next week.

On Thursday, the United States overtook China to become the country with the largest number of reported COVID-19 cases in the world, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Commenting on it he said: “I do not believe China, no one knows what happens there. I like the country but no one knows what happens there.”

There were 82,404 cases of COVID-19 in the United States versus China’s 81,782, the John Hopkins University COVID-19 tracker revealed.

The number of people infected with the novel coronavirus worldwide has exceeded 4,62,684 over 20,834 deaths have died, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s daily coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation report.


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