“We Are On Our Way,” Donald Trump Tweets In Hindi Before Arrival

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US President Donald Trump today tweeted in Hindi before arriving in India (AFP)

New Delhi:

We are en route, US President Donald Trump tweeted in Hindi shortly before his arrival in Ahmedabad for his first official visit to India. “We are eager to visit India. We are on our way, will see you all in a few hours,” said the tweet in Hindi script, a first for the President who is fond of tweeting.

President Trump and his family will arrive a little before noon in Ahmedabad in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state Gujarat. On the first day of his 36-hour visit, President Trump will spend most of the day in Gujarat’s largest city with Prime Minister Modi.

The two have exchanged a series of tweets before their greatly anticipated meeting.

PM Modi has in the past often welcomed foreign leaders by tweeting in their language.

For President Trump, who is facing an election later this year, this visit is an important way of connecting with the Indian American community, a sizeable and influential group of voters.

Earlier, PM Modi had tweeted for President Trump: “India awaits your arrival. Your visit is definitely going to further strengthen the friendship between our nations. See you very soon in Ahmedabad”.

Upon their arrival, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will be welcomed by the Prime Minister and then taken to Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram. There, the US delegation will be treated to Gujarati delicacy Khaman, broccoli and corn samosa, apple pie and Kaju Katli.

President Trump and PM Modi will then head to the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Cricket Stadium – said to be the world’s largest – where they will address a mega gathering billed as “Namaste, Trump.” Thousands are expected to line the route and attend the stadium event.

President Trump has repeatedly talked about being greeted by six to 10 million people in Ahmedabad which, he has told a home crowd at one of his rallies, would make all gatherings in America look like “peanuts”.

The US President has also frequently talked about his good equations with PM Modi, whom he describes as a friend.


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