“Vikas Dubey Killing Not Fake Encounter”: UP Police To Supreme Court

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'Vikas Dubey Killing Not Fake Encounter': UP Police To Supreme Court

UP gangster Vikas Dubey’s death was not a fake encounter, the Uttar Pradesh Police said

New Delhi:

The death of Uttar Pradesh gangster while he was in the custody of the state police was not a “fake encounter”, the UP Police told the Supreme Court today. The UP Police said “the state acted as per law and Supreme Court guidelines”.

Vikas Dubey was shot dead while trying to escape after a car accident, the UP Police had announced on July 10, a day after his dramatic arrest in Madhya Pradesh. Vikas Dubey snatched the gun of a policeman and opened fire, the police said, asserting that they had tried to catch him alive.

“Vikas Dubey’s killing is not a fake encounter. His case cannot be compared with the Telangana encounter. While Telangana didn’t order a judicial commission, the UP government has done so,” the Director General of UP Police said in an affidavit.

“The police acted as per law and Supreme Court guidelines. More facts will be filed later if time is given,” he said.

The UP Police said the Vikas Dubey case was different from the “Telangana encounter” as in the latter the accused were not “hardened criminals” but Vikas Dubey had 64 cases against him.


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