US Planning To Impose Ban On Travel From Brazil, Says Donald Trump

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Donald Trump told a White House press conference he is “absolutely looking at a ban”.


US President Donald Trump said Tuesday he is strongly considering a ban on travel from Brazil, where his close ally Jair Bolsonaro dismisses the danger of the coronavirus.

Trump told a White House press conference he is “absolutely looking at a ban” on travel to the United States from Latin America’s biggest country.

Bolsonaro, who has modeled himself on Trump and sought to bring Brazil into a close partnership with the United States, has caused controversy by claiming that the coronavirus pandemic is no more than a “little flu.”

The Trump administration has already barred travel from major US economic partners including China and the European Union as part of a global effort to halt the spread of the virus.

Despite a rising number of cases reported in Brazil, Bolsonaro is actively promoting his belief that people should continue to work and travel, saying the country should face the virus “like a man, damn it, not a boy.”

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