This Tawa-Roasted Arbi Tikki Is The Healthiest Solution To Your Hunger Pangs (Recipe Inside)

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This Tawa-Roasted Arbi Tikki Is The Healthiest Solution To Your Hunger Pangs (Recipe Inside)

Arbi tikki is the ultimate snack for 4pm to curb cravings for unhealthy snacks.


  • Hunger pangs often strike during the time period between meal times
  • Arbi tikki is ideal for weight loss as it fulfils the appetite
  • The best thing about it is that it is tawa-roasted and not fried

It is common knowledge that breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day, followed by lunch and finally dinner. What about the hunger pangs that begin to occur in between the three meals? In the quest for weight loss, we plan ahead and focus on the three major meals of our day. But the factor that tips the scale on either side is what we eat in the time between the meals. It is important to eat healthy snacks during tea-time or mid-morning time.

If the snacks aren’t planned ahead of the estimated snack-time, people often succumb to their cravings and grab whatever they can get a hold of. This is when the willpower falters and we pile on unnecessary calories arising from cravings which can easily be nipped in the bud. The solution isn’t to ignore your hunger pangs but have something which is filling and healthy. This tawa-roasted Arbi Tikki is just the solution you need to fulfil your needs to snack.

The moment we think of tikki, the image that pops up to the mind is that of deep-fried potatoes in a skillet full of oil. This Arbi Tikki is here to change this very impression that tikkis are meant to be unhealthy. Made with just a dollop of ghee on a tawa, the Arbi Tikki is healthy, wholesome and flavourful in every way. Arbi itself is a very healthy ingredient for weight loss, due to its high fibre content. This helps us stay full for long and maintain our stance on the quest for shedding kilos.

The recipe also uses singhare ka atta that acts as a binding agent and gives the tikki an interesting flavour too. A couple of roasted peanuts add an additional crunch to the Arbi Ki Tikki, and lend it the much-needed protein punch too. Arbi in itself isn’t a very flavourful vegetable, but be rest assured as this recipe has generous amounts of spices in it such as ginger, black pepper, rock salt and roasted cumin seeds. The addition of green chillies to the tikki makes it truly lovable for people who like their food with a hint of spice!

Watch: Here Is The Full Recipe Of Tawa-Roasted Arbi Ki Tikki:

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