This Custom N95 Mask May Unlock Your iPhone Using Face ID



If you’ve been following the news lately, you probably already have a good idea about the recent global outbreak of the novel coronavirus. As a result, people have been advised to wear protective face masks when they’re outside or in a high-risk area. While on one hand, these face masks offer protection from the coronavirus, they’ve also made it harder for iPhone users to unlock their smartphones using Face ID. But a San Francisco-based designer is now looking to create custom face masks with images of users’ faces that could be compatible with Face ID.

A visual artist and designer named Danielle Baskin tweeted about the idea recently. The custom face mask itself is named Resting Risk Face and is being pitched as a solution to those looking to protect themselves from the deadly coronavirus outbreak while still being able to unlock their iPhone via Face ID.

The Resting Risk Face masks aren’t real products for now. Interested buyers need to sign up for a waitlist. The masks will cost $40 (roughly Rs. 3,000). According to the official website, you’ll receive an N95 respiratory mark that will work with facial recognition software.

The website explains the concept a little further. It says, “We use computational mapping to convert your facial features into an image printed onto the surface of N95 surgical masks without distortion.” It also mentions that the inks used in the process are non-toxic and won’t affect breathability at all.

Interesting buyers need to upload their photos on the official website. Users will be able to preview the mask on their face in order to fix any alignment issues. The resulting product will be directly shipped to the customer once the printing is done.

But is it for real? It may or may not be. It’s clear that it’s still a concept though. And we’re not quite sure if it’ll be able to beat Apple’s strict Face ID algorithms.


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