“Son Has Fever, Can’t Find Bed”: Man Shouts Outside BS Yediyurappa’s House

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'Son Has Fever, Can't Find Bed': Man Shouts Outside BS Yediyurappa's House

An aide of BS Yediyurappa said the man didn’t go to any hospital. (FILE)


Dramatic scenes were witnessed in Bengaluru this afternoon when a man, who claimed to have tested positive for COVID-19, stationed himself outside Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa’s Official residence after allegedly failing to find a hospital bed for himself.

Videos showed the man standing right opposite the chief minister’s official residence with his wife and two children.

The man allegedly kept on shouting, “I am feeling sick. My son has fever. I was told I am positive. I am not getting a bed (sic).”

An aide of Mr Yediyurappa, however, denied this and said that he didn’t go to any hospital but came directly to the Chief Minister’s house.

“He didn’t go to any hospital, he directly came here and said that he did not have the money and that’s why he came,” he said.

The aide also said that an ambulance was arranged to take the family to a hospital.

With Karnataka witnessing a sharp spike in coronavirus cases, one of the fallouts that has emerged is of people grappling to find hospital beds.

A week-long lockdown has been enforced in some Karnakata districts, including Bengaluru Urban and Bengaluru Rural, from Tuesday night in view of these places recording more cases.

Amid complaints of struggle in finding beds for COVID-19 patients, the Karnataka government on Wednesday issued a notification making it mandatory for private hospitals to display a bed allocation display board.

Earlier, the state government made it mandated for the private hospitals to reserve 50 per cent of the beds to treat COVID-19 patients referred by public health authorities.


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