Poster Urging Balcony Ovation For PM Viral, He Says Do This Instead

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Poster Urging Balcony Ovation For PM Viral, He Says Do This Instead

“Mr Narendra Damodardasji Modi for 5 minutes,” says the poster

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, referring to a poster asking for a “standing ovation” from balconies in his honour this Sunday, said today “it seems like mischief” but urged people to show their love by taking care of a poor family during the coronavirus crisis.

An anonymous poster widely shared on social media urges citizens to stand at their balconies and “give a standing ovation and salute our Prime Minister” at 5 pm on Sunday. “This man has done so much for us and our nation,” it says.

“Mr Narendra Damodardasji Modi for 5 minutes,” the poster says, asking people to share the message with as many as possible.

“It has been brought to my attention that some people are running a campaign to honour Modi by standing for 5 minutes. At first glance, it seems like mischief to drag Modi into controversies,” PM Modi tweeted.

“Maybe it is out of good intentions, so it is my request that if you have so much love and if you want to honour Modi, then take the responsibility of one poor family at least until the coronavirus crisis ends. There can’t be a bigger honour for me,” he added.

Millions of citizens have, on previous Sundays, followed his call for clapping and clanging utensils to applaud frontline COVID-19 workers and the “9 minutes at 9 pm” lamp-lighting to show unity against the “darkness of coronavirus”.

The Prime Minister will decide this week whether to extend the lockdown he had ordered on March 24 to stop the coronavirus from turning into an epidemic in the country.

This afternoon, he said at an all-party meeting via video link that lifting the lockdown, which ends on April 14, did not seem possible at the moment. “The situation in the country is akin to a ‘social emergency’, it has necessitated tough decisions and we must continue to remain vigilant,” said the PM.


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