New York cathedral turns into hospital amid Covid-19 crisis, cases soar in US: 10 points



With over a million infected and more than 60,000 dead, the coronavirus outbreak has gripped almost every corner of the world, bringing some of the biggest global economies to a halt.

Covid-19 cases are on a sharp rise in the United States while European nations like Italy, Spain, France and Germany are fighting a tough battle to contain the rise in the number of cases and fatalities.

Here are key developments from across the globe:

1. On Tuesday, India agreed to supply paracetamol and hydroxychloroquine to countries ‘particularly badly affected’ by the coronavirus pandemic. US President Donald Trump had warned of ‘retaliation’ if New Delhi did not allow the export of anti-malarial drugs.

2. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson fights ‘worsening’ coronavirus symptoms in an intensive care unit.

3. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will declare a state of emergency in parts of the country on Tuesday, including Tokyo, over the coronavirus outbreak.

4. As per Johns Hopkins University, the US recorded more than 368,000 confirmed coronavirus cases with 10,986 deaths by late Monday.

5. Saudi Arabia placed its capital Riyadh and other big cities under a 24-hour curfew on Monday amid the coronavirus crisis.

6. In Germany, the number of Covid-19 cases rose to 99,225, deaths at 1,607.

7. After a nearly 3-week long lockdown, Denmark plans to reopen daycare centres and schools on April 15.

8. Britain’s big supermarkets fear they won’t be able to supply the country’s 60 million people without longer opening hours or relaxation of social distancing rules introduced to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

9. In New York, a vast cathedral is being converted into a field hospital as the city struggles to cope with the mounting Covid-19 crisis.

10. On Tuesday, the government in Singapore tabled a bill in parliament that sought to ensure that a general election could be held safely if called during the coronavirus pandemic.


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