Jamia offers tele-counselling services for students, staff to cope with coronavirus crisis

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The Jamia Millia Islamia has started tele-counselling services for students and staff members distressed by the crisis due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In view of the coronavirus pandemic, the University Counseling and Guidance Centre is extending support in the form of tele-counselling services to Jamia’s teaching and non-teaching staff and students, the university said. “To facilitate this, a list of volunteers is provided in public domain to utilise the services,” it said.

“We are committed to providing counselling services to facilitate the well-being (of staff and students) and extend emotional support to all who are distressed in this crisis,” it added.

The university also said members of the Jamia Teachers’ Association (JTA) will voluntarily donate their one day’s salary to contribute to the efforts to fight coronavirus.

Vice Chancellor Najma Akhtar, in a letter dated March 29, had appealed to all Jamia employees to contribute their one day’s salary to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.

The JTA Executive Committee had urged all teachers to make the contribution from their salary for the month of April.


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