Inside Karan Johar’s High-Tea With Daughter Roohi, Mom Hiroo And Some Sindhi Conversation

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Inside Karan Johar's High-Tea With Daughter Roohi, Mom Hiroo And Some Sindhi Conversation

Roohi and Yash being cute (courtesy karanjohar)


  • Karan Johar shared a video of his high tea
  • “This is the highlight of my day!” says Hiroo Johar
  • Ranveer Singh left a comment

New Delhi:

Karan Johar’s Instagram is buzzing with snippets of his family time, featuring mom Hiroo Johar, daughter Roohi and son Yash. In a recent Instagram post, Karan Johar let us into his high-tea session with Roohi and mom Hiroo, which comes with a hilarious conversation. The 47-year-old filmmaker, known for his “toodles”-special videos, asked his mother the reason behind putting on some sparkling jewellery for the high tea at home. “Mumma, you’re all ready for the high tea… all bejewelled and all…,” said KJo. “This is the highlight of my day!” says Hiroo Johar. Next up, KJo asked Hiroo Johar about her “Sindhi lineage” when she said: “It is one of the best communities in the world!” In the comments section, we spotted a remark by Ranveer Singh, also a Sindhi. “Hiroo knows it,” he wrote.

Take a look at Karan Johar’s video here:

Earlier, Karan Johar shared an adorable video of son Yash, in which the little one said that he thinks Amitabh Bachchan can take the Coronavirus away. “Too cute,” Abhishek Bachchan commented.

Hiroo Johar also featured in a video earlier, when she was in the middle of a tiff of sorts with grandson Yash.

Karan Johar’s kids were born via surrogacy in 2017. However, on Roohi and Yash’s birthday this year, KJo shared the “actuality” of being a single parent. “I am a single parent in social status… but in actuality am definitely not… my mother so beautifully and emotionally co parents our babies with me… I could never have taken such a big decision without her solid support.”

Meanwhile, India is currently on Day 7 of three weeks of complete lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. In India, the total number of coronavirus cases have risen over 1,250.


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