iCloud Keychain to Get New Useful Features with iOS 14: Report



Apple is working on improving its iCloud Keychain password manager with iOS 14, according to a report. It says that the Cupertino, California-based tech giant might bring features like password changing recommendations and two-factor authentication with the improved iCloud Keychain password manager. iCloud Keychain stores passwords and credit card details of Apple users and is available for both iOS and macOS.

The report by 9to5Mac, citing an early build of iOS 14, says that Apple is testing some major changes to its iCloud Keychain password managers with iOS 14. The two main features that have been reported include two-factor authentication and a feature to warn users about reused passwords.

Right now, iCloud Keychain only stores a user’s passwords and helps autofill them on an Apple device. However, it doesn’t alert users if they are repeating their passwords on multiple accounts, a feature that comes with popular third-party applications like 1Password and LastPass. With iOS 14, iCloud Keychain will start warning users about reused passwords.

Apart from warning users about reused passwords, iCloud Keychain might bring a new method to save two-factor authentication passwords with iOS 14. Now, although it is not known if this will be a Google Authenticator like feature, the 9to5Mac report says that users will be able to log in to websites or receive one-time-passwords without relying on SMS, email, or other less secure methods.

Now, these features are already provided by third-party applications. However, Apple bringing these new features to its iCloud Keychain password manager will give users a better sense of security. Further, since third-party apps come with a paid subscription, the iCloud Keychain password manager will bring similar features free of cost to Apple users.


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