Free To Go To Pak: BJP MP On Poet’s Daughter’s Remarks At Anti-CAA Rally

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Free To Go To Pak: BJP MP On Poet's Daughter's Remarks At Anti-CAA Rally

Sumaiya Rana is daughter of poet Munawwar Rana.


Aligarh MP and BJP leader Satish Gautam on Sunday said that Sumaiya Rana, daughter of poet Munawwar Rana, is free to go to Pakistan if she feels suffocated in India.

“If Sumaiya Rana feels suffocated in the country, then there are a lot of paths open for her to go to Pakistan,” the BJP leader said.

“In India, one can speak openly with freedom,” he said.

“The environment in the country right now is vitriolic and it is suffocating to live in such conditions,” Sumaiya Rana had said at an anti-CAA protest in Aligarh.


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