FASTag: Highways Regulator Waives Off Rs 100 Fee For 15 Days. Here’s All You Need To Know



FASTag: Highways Regulator Waives Off Rs 100 Fee For 15 Days. Here's All You Need To Know

Free FASTag For 15 Days:

Free FASTag for 15 Days: The government has waived off the cost of Rs 100 that users have to pay to register under the electronic toll collection system FASTag for a period of 15 days. With a view to boost digital collection of user fee under FASTag on national highways, highways authority NHAI or National Highways Authority of India has decided to waive off the FASTag cost of Rs 100 fron February 15 to February 29, according to a statement by the Road Ministry dated February 12. 

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FASTag may be purchased from all national highway fee plazas, Regional Transport Offices (RTOs), common service centres, transport hubs as well as petrol pumps, according to the Road Ministry.

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As part of the temporary offer, users will be able to get a FASTag free of cost at authorised physical point-of-sale locations by producing a valid registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle, according to the official statement. 

The applicable security deposit and the minimum balance amount for FASTag wallet will, however, remain unchanged, the Road Ministry said. Users can download mobile app MyFastag or connect with the telephone helpline 1033 to locate the nearest FASTag point of sale (PoS), it added. 

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The government has rolled out the FASTag-based toll collection system across more than 527 national highways in the country. Once the system is fully implemented, the highways authority expects to collect Rs 100 crore worth of toll income per day through FASTag.

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Last year, it made the use of radio frequency identification (RFID)-based prepaid tag facility FASTag mandatory for driving vehicles on highways. The FASTag system enables automatic, cashless deduction of toll charges when a registered vehicle passes through the toll plaza without stopping for a cash transaction.


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