Delhi Cop Hits Woman With Car. Runs Her Over While Trying To Escape

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Delhi: CCTV footage shows the speeding away as a few men try to stop it.

New Delhi:

An elderly woman in east Delhi has been badly injured after she was run over by a speeding car on Friday. The driver, who has been identified as a 56-year-old Delhi Police sub-inspector, has been arrested, the police said.

Disturbing CCTV footage shows the speeding car with the woman on its bonnet. The woman falls off the hatchback as it comes to a halt in a narrow lane.

Just as passers-by runs to the woman’s rescue and try to lift her from the road, the driver starts the car again, runs over the woman and drives straight ahead.

The car speeds away even as a few men can be seen trying to stop it. The woman is seeing lying in on the road.

The incident took place in Chilla Village near Ghazipur area on Friday evening.

A case has been registered against sub-inspector Yogendra, who drive the car, for rash driving and causing hurt to any person by doing any act so rashly or negligently as to endanger human life.


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