Covid-19: Countries complain about quality of China-made equipment



A number of European countries have complained about the quality of the equipment being supplied by China to help deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

Over the weekend, The Netherlands recalled thousands of masks imported from China because of quality issues, while Spain complained about defective imported test kits supplied by a Chinese manufacturer, media reports said.

China’s foreign ministry said several countries had raised doubts about the quality of products imported from China, and acknowledged that there might be some problems.

“A large number of Chinese manufacturers are working around the clock to help other countries save lives. Our sincerity and assistance is real. If problems occur in this process, the Chinese side will talk to relevant departments,” China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a news conference on Monday.

Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday that states across the US are “fighting” amongst themselves to source essential medical supplies as coronavirus cases in the country surge daily and “ironically” most entities are looking to buy from China.

“We need supplies desperately and we’re working on that… we’re in a situation where you have 50 states all competing for supplies. The federal government is now also competing for supplies. Private hospitals are also competing for supplies. So we’ve created a situation where you literally have hundreds of entities looking to buy the same exact materials, basically from the same place which is China, ironically enough. We’re fighting amongst ourselves. We’re competing amongst ourselves,” Cuomo said at a press conference.

The deadly coronavirus that first originated in Chinese city of Wuhan last last year has killed 3,305 people in the US and infected 81,518.

China was emerging as a favourite possible supplier at this stage as new virus infections were slowing there and its factories were being pushed to reopen.


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