Congress Supports “Anti-Social Elements”: BJP After Jamia Violence Video

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Congress Supports 'Anti-Social Elements': BJP After Jamia Violence Video

A two-month-old video showed cops thrashing students at a reading hall of Jamia University.

New Delhi:

The BJP has condemned the Congress for “giving political colour” to the violence at Jamia Millia Islamia on December 15 last year, alleging that its leaders always speak against security forces and stand with those who are inimical to the country.

The party’s remarks came after the Congress attacked the government over the new video purportedly showing police and paramilitary personnel caning students in the university’s library on December 15 evening.

“Congress party continuously supporting antisocial elements and those who indulge in violence. It raises voice against the security forces and police personnel of the country,” BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao said at a press conference.

Talking about another video in which people were seen in the gangway with some covering their faces, while at least two of them were carrying stones, Mr Rao asked why were students wearing masks and what were they studying with stones in their hands.

“Which academic discipline requires students to wear masks and hold stones while studying?” he asked.

“The Congress party always choose to stand with those who are inimical to the country and rile up security forces,” the BJP spokesperson added.


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