China “Deliberately Delaying” IAF Flight To Evacuate Indians: Sources

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China 'Deliberately Delaying' IAF Flight To Evacuate Indians: Sources

New Delhi:

China is “deliberately delaying grant of clearance” for a special Indian flight to the coronavirus-hit Wuhan city to deliver medical supplies and evacuate remaining Indians from there, sources said, adding that Beijing is “creating a roadblock” for India’s evacuation efforts.

China on Friday had denied any delay in allowing the Indian Air Force’s C-17 Globemaster plane with medical supplies to Wuhan, the epicentre of the novel coronavirus.

Hitting out at Beijing over the reported delay, sources said, “There are relief and evacuation flights from other countries which are still going on, including by France. Why is the Chinese government delaying clearance for the relief flight? Are they not interested in Indian aid provided as our token of support? Why are they creating roadblock in evacuating our nationals from Wuhan and putting them under hardship and mental agony?”

On February 17, India had announced that it will send Indian Air Force’s largest plane C-17 Globemaster with medical supplies to Wuhan, the epicentre of the novel coronavirus, and bring back its nationals as well as citizens from all neighbouring countries who were still stuck there on the return flight.

India evacuated 647 Indians and seven Maldivians in two special Air India flights to Wuhan earlier this month.


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