Chennai Pharmacist Dies After Drinking Chemical He Made To Treat COVID-19


Coronavirus: Chennai is also under lockdown like all other cities across India

New Delhi:

A pharmacist died and his boss was left hospitalised after the pair drank a chemical concoction they had developed in an effort to treat coronavirus, police said Saturday. The men worked for a herbal medicine company and were testing their treatment – a mix of nitric oxide and sodium nitrate – at a home in Chennai.

K Sivanesan, 47, died on the spot, said local police chief Ashok Kumar. His colleague Mr Rajkumar was recovering from the poisoning.

Mr Kumar said Mr Sivanesan bought the chemicals from a market and developed the formula after conducting research on the internet.

There are no approved medicines or vaccines for treating COVID-19, triggering a global race for a new drug for the disease that has killed nearly three lakh people worldwide.

Nearly 60,000 cases have been detected in India, which has imposed a nationwide lockdown in an effort to halt the spread of the disease.

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