“Brought Back To Life”: Kerala Couple, 93 And 88, Recover From COVID-19

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Coronavirus: Kerala has 194 reported cases, the highest in the country (Representational)


An elderly couple, aged 93 and 88, who had tested positive for the novel coronavirus in Kerala, have now recovered, according to Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja. They had contracted the infection from their children and grandson who had returned from Italy. All the family members have now recovered from the deadly disease.

“The elderly couple were literally brought back to life from death,” a press release from the Health Minister’s office said. They were diabetic, had hypertension and other old-age related diseases.

The elderly man, 93, had developed severe cough, chest pain and urinary infection and was diagnosed as vulnerable to heart issues. He had to be put on a ventilator as well. His wife, too, had developed severe urinary and bacterial infection which further worsened her condition, according to officials. Health Minister KK Shailaja had given directions to do everything required to ensure their recovery.

The virus is known to be fatal to elderly people in most cases. The couple is admitted to Kottayam Medical College.

According to officials, the couple grew restless and uncomfortable when they were admitted in two different VIP ICU rooms. They later were shifted to ICU room from where they could see each other.

The press release also states that the elderly couple were adamant on returning home and even refused food, but the nurses dealt with them with compassion and care.

In an unfortunate development, one of the nurses who treated the couple “as her own family” has tested positive for the highly contagious virus and is now hospitalised.

KK Shailaja has called the nurse personally and assured that the entire health department is with her, the minister’s office stated.

Kerala has 194 reported cases, the highest in the country. The virus has affected over a thousand people in India has claimed 29 lives. Globally, the coronavirus has over 7,30,000 confirmed cases with over 34,000 deaths.


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