Bigg Boss 13’s Shefali Zariwala Talks About First Epilepsy Seizure At 15 In Viral Interview

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Bigg Boss 13's Shefali Zariwala Talks About First Epilepsy Seizure At 15 In Viral Interview

Shafali Zariwala shared this picture. (Image courtesy: shefalijariwala)


  • Shefali talked about her fitness journey which started 20 years ago
  • She has featured in videos of Kaanta Laga and Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar
  • Shefali Zariwala was last seen in Bigg Boss 13

New Delhi:

Actress Shefali Zariwala in an interview with the Times of India revealed she has epilepsy and she had her first seizure when she was all of 15. The actress added that she put on several kilos because of the medication and she opened up about her fitness journey after that. Shefali Zariwala, who catapulted to fame after featuring in the music video of Kaanta Laga said, “I was 15 years old when I had my first epileptic seizure. Yes, I was an epileptic. The medication that I had to take because of the condition caused a lot of weight gain. Shortly, after that I did a music video which was a big hit after that I was really busy with work, dancing all the time. I had to keep my energy levels up and also look good on camera.”

“That’s when I realised I need to shed a few kilos and I went to gym for the very first time, so my fitness journey started from there about 20 years ago and it has a whole new meaning today,” she added. “What started 20 years ago with just something for me to lose weight, has become so big for me today… I realised as a woman especially post 30 your body really changes and so should your workout regime.”

Apart from Kaanta Laga, Shefali Zariwala has featured in the music videos of songs like Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar remix and Pyaar Humaayn Kis Mod Pe Le Aaya remix. Shefali is married to actor Parag Tyagi.

Shefali Zariwala last appeared as a contestant on celebrity reality show Bigg Boss 13.


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