Bhangra, Dances, Hugs- What Happened In Melania Trump’s “Happiness” Class

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Bhangra, Dances, Hugs- What Happened In Melania Trump's 'Happiness' Class

Melania Trump, wearing a white dress with rose print, took a small detour of the school (File)

New Delhi:

Many sweet surprises were in store for the United States First Lady Melania Trump as she visited a Delhi school today to take part in the “Happiness Class”, introduced by the Aam Aadmi Party government a couple of years ago to help students manage stress.

Ms Trump, who is on a 2-day trip to India along with husband President Donald Trump, arrived at the state-run Sarvodaya school in Delhi’s Moti Bagh area at 12 noon. Around 10 children from class nursery to Class 2, wearing colourful and traditional outfits, garlanded her and showered flowers on her as she entered the school.

Ms Trump, wearing a white dress with rose print, then took a small detour of the school. She shook hands with children before she was taken by the school authorities to witness teachers giving happiness lecture to students.

The First Lady, sitting on a special chair brought in the class for her, witnessed various activities conducted as part of the “Happiness Curriculum”. Melania Trump appeared very happy after taking the “happiness” class.


Children also put up a dance show to honour Ms Trump. They performed Bhangra and other traditional dance forms in front of her in the school ground. Also in the audience were children waving the national flags of India and United States.

Ms Trump appeared amused when a small child in the audience, holding the US flag, stood up and danced as other students performed. Ms Trump encouraged the child with her generous applause.

In a heartening photo, Ms Trump is seen hugging a girl student.


The girls who performed for the US first lady are elated after meeting her. They say Ms Trump hugged them and even made Bhangra poses.

“We had been preparing for the performance for the past 15 days. Our hard work has paid off,” one of the girls said.  

Asked if they knew who Melania Trump was before they were told about her visit, a student said: “We knew Melania Trump, but never thought we would ever meet her. We are very happy. She hugged us, we shook hands with her… she also made Bhangra poses along with us.”

“When my parents and relatives initially heard that I would be  performing for Melania Trump they didn’t believe me. Some even accused me of lying. They are all going to be very happy today,” another student said.

Principal of the school, Manoj Pandey, said, “The whole programme went off very well. Our children prepared for days but were very confident. They are extremely happy after meeting her. We are glad that our children could become the face of education at a global level.”

Some students, who were part of the school band, also played bagpipes in Ms Trump’s honour.

Ms Trump spent a happy one hour at the school.

She will attend a banquet organised at the Rashtrapati Bhavan along with President Trump before heading back to the US.


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