Apple Hikes Prices of iPhone Models in India Due to GST Rate Impact



Apple has revised the prices of its iPhone family in India on account of the increased GST that came into effect earlier today. As a result of the change, the iPhone 11 Pro Max will now start at Rs. 1,17,100 while the iPhone 11 Pro will be sold with an initial price of Rs. 1,06,600. The revision has also impacted the prices of the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and the iPhone 7, among other models.

The revision by Apple, as confirmed to Gadgets 360, has raised the iPhone 11 Pro Max price to Rs. 1,17,100 from the existing Rs. 1,11,200 for the base 64GB variant. This shows an increment of Rs. 5,900.

Similar to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the iPhone 11 Pro price has been increased by Rs. 5,400 to Rs. 1,06,600 for the entry-level 64GB storage model. The iPhone 11 Pro was previously available with a starting price of Rs. 1,01,200.

Apple has also increased the starting price of the iPhone 11 from Rs. 64,900 to Rs. 68,300 for the 64GB storage option. Here, the increment is of Rs. 3,400.

For customers interested in buying an older iPhone models, the iPhone XR 64GB storage variant price in India has been revised from Rs. 64,900 to Rs. 68,300. The iPhone 7 price in India has also been increased from Rs. 29,900 to Rs. 31,500. This shows an increase of Rs. 1,600.

iPhone Model Old Price (Rs.) New Price (Rs.)
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB 1,11,200 1,17,100
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB 1,01,200 1,06,600
iPhone 11 64GB 64,900 68,300
iPhone XR 64GB 49,900 52,500
iPhone 7 32GB 29,900 31,500


The revised prices are listed on the Apple India site and are applicable started today.

Apple has made the revision to adjust the increased GST rate that has been imposed on mobile phones earlier today. The GST rate for mobile phone has been increased to 18 percent from the earlier 12 percent. Companies such as Oppo and Xiaomi have also announced increased phone prices.

Notably, Apple last hiked the prices of its recent iPhone models, including the iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 8 just last month in response to the increase in basic custom duty (BCD) rate announced in the Union Budget 2020 and the withdrawal of earlier exemption from BCD under the Social Welfare Surcharge.


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