Another ‘deeply respected’ Indian origin doctor dies due to coronavirus in UK



Kamlesh Kumar Masson, who gained medical qualifications from Utkal University in 1969 and practised for decades as a general practitioner in the UK, has died aged 78, making him the latest Indian-origin medical professional to fall victim to coronavirus.

Masson was a GP in Thurrock, Essex, where his colleagues, patients and family paid him tributes and described him as a “deeply respected, well liked” doctor. Recent victims of the virus included doctors Jitendra Kumar Rathod, Manjeet Singh Riyat and Krishan Arora.

The Boris Johnson government has set up an inquiry to probe initial data that Indian and other non-white people are disproportionately falling victim to the virus. So far, 492 people categorised as British Indian have died in England.

Kallil, chair of National Health Service in Thurrock said: “We were very sad to hear of the passing of Dr Masson, he was a well respected and liked GP in Thurrock, with a significant contribution over the last 30 years in the borough caring for patients and providing support”.

“Later he provided GP services in both Thurrock and Basildon. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr Masson for his commitment and passion and our condolences to his family for their loss.”

Masson’s family said he came to the UK in 1973 after completing his medical training in India and working as a doctor in East Africa. He was recognised by patients, colleagues and peers as a dedicated, determined, positive individual who would always do his utmost to help in all endeavours.

“Dr Masson was an honest, kind and generous man who was deeply respected by anyone who was privileged to cross paths with him. He was jovial, funny and kind, always wanting to make the best of any situation”, his family said in a statement.

“Dr Masson was taken from us too soon and still had so much to give. He had practised medicine for over five decades and was a dedicated servant to the NHS for 47 years. He would have wanted to practice medicine for many more years to come”, the statement added.


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