7 Interesting Facts About Khichdi You May Not Have Known

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  • Khichdi is undoubtedly one of India’s favourite comfort food
  • Khichdi is popularly made with goodness of rice and lentils
  • The rice and lentil dish is one of the easiest desi preparations

Whether you are exhausted after a long day at work or simply craving for something hot and wholesome – a plate of piping hot khichdi is one of the first things to pop in our minds. This one-pot rice and lentil dish is inarguably one of the most iconic dishes of India. You can find umpteen variations of the dish across the country, and as many takers too. A dollop of ghee, a dash of pickle and a bowl of curd are some of the popular ways in which we like to spruce up our khichdi, but we are always open for suggestions. Did you know that khichdi is one of the most ancient dishes hailing from subcontinent? We have compiled a list of many more such interesting facts and trivia about khichdi that may take you by surprise:

1. A Complete Protein-Rich Meal: Moong dal khichdi, one of the most popular kinds of khichdi, could be called a complete source of protein. Lentil is one of the best sources of plant-based protein, yet it cannot be deemed a complete source of protein as it lacks a certain set of amino acids. Pairing it with rice may help make your meal more holistic and profuse with protein.

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2. The variations of khichdi in this country merit a chronicle of its own. From moong dal khichdi, bajra khichdi,panchmel khichdi and sabudana khichdi (tapioca khichdi) to oats khichdi, there are options galore. How many have you tried?

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sabudana khichdi

3. It holds immense ritualistic importance in a variety of Hindu festivals. It is served to a gamut of people during Durga Puja bhog and Bhandaras. Khichdi is also one of the most relished delicacies during Makar Sankranti celebrations.

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4. It is one of the first solid foods that babies eat in various Indian households to date.

5. The Anglow-Indian breakfast dish, Kedgeree is said to be inspired by Khichdi. Kedgeree is mushy-mix typically made of boiled rice, butter or cream, sultanas, curry powder, herbs, boiled eggs et al.

6. According to the book ‘A Historical Dictionary of Indian Foods’ by famous historian KT Achaya, “Mughal Emperor Jehangir’s favoured food on his days of abstinence from meat was a very rich Gujarathi Khichdi called lazizan, with both spices and nuts.”


7. Khichdi has captured the imagination of various foreign visitors across history. The famous Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta mentioned kishri as an Indian dish, comprising rice and moong beans, during his stay in Indian around 14th century A.D.!

Ever thought your favourite comfort food was so multifarious? Tell us how you like your khichdi in the comments section below! 

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