114 Coronavirus Deaths In India, Over 4,400 Cases So Far

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114 Coronavirus Deaths In India, Over 4,400 Cases So Far

Five deaths linked to COVID-19 have been reported across India in last 24 hours.

New Delhi:

India recorded a jump of 354 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, which takes the total to 4,421, the Union Health Ministry said today, adding that 114 deaths linked to the highly contagious COVID-19 have been registered so far. 

If the current growth rate of coronavirus cases continues, the country will have over 17,000 patients by the time ongoing nationwide lockdown ends on April 14, government data showed on Monday. This was a day after the centre acknowledged the rising numbers but said that without the cases linked to last month’s controversial religious congregation at Delhi’s Nizamuddin, the doubling rate would have been much slower at 7.4 days. 

Amid a nationwide lockdown to control the spread of COVID-19, which ends on April 14, the government on Monday said it is “monitoring the world situation every minute”. “A decision in this regard will be declared at the right time,” said Union minister Prakash Javadekar.


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